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Fanny on Fire was delicious

January 3, 2024


Fanny on Fire was delicious. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to finish it! Your... I mean Fanny's memoirs were a delightful and well-rounded peek into the incredible soul of one HECK of a powerful woman

Delightful, sassy read with heart

March 9, 2020

Jena W

What a hoot!

From the start to end, the author takes you on an exciting ride through time, focusing primarily on Fanny's
relationships and other goofy shenanigans she got up to (and still gets up to.) As a Midwestern gal, it was a joy
to get a peek into a whole new world--that is, taking a deep dive into '70s/'80s dating in New York, Jewish
culture, traditions, terms, and of course, the foods, courtesy of Fanny Goldman, sassiest lady in the Bronx!

Oh, goodness. The FOODS!

could practically taste all of the delicious recipes Fanny cooked up on her show and in between her stories,
which speaks to the author's descriptive writing. I typically read on my mid-day break, and it made my lunches
seem quite sad and dull by comparison. I also generally loved how she tied food with memories and connected
them to every story Fanny told. Now I want some brisket on rye...

Overall, here's the deal: "Fanny on Fire" is an exciting, yet incredibly sweet book. It inspires you to be your own
person and to never take crap from anyone. It makes you very hungry. You should read it.

Fanny Makes You Laugh Out Loud

January 18, 2018


I laughed, I cried, and then I cried from laughter! What a fun, captivating book from an author with an incredible sense of humor, even if it did make me blush at times. I enjoyed schlepping along with Fanny on her roller coaster journey through life and loved the surprise final twist. It left me ready for Fanny's second season.

Fanny on Fire: Terrifically entertaining!

December 27, 2017


I just finished reading Edith G. Tolchin's "Fanny on Fire." It is an entertaining read with many captivating, intertwined sub-stories. The story is told through the eyes of newly famous cooking show hostess, Fanny Goldman. It goes back to her childhood and is told in wonderful detail that transports the reader into each scene. It's easy to formulate a mental image of the various characters (like SpaceCowboy and Solly) and locations (like the weddings of Fanny and her daughter) from their descriptions. I found myself very quickly immersed in the story as each vignette blends seamlessly into the next.

The story moves back and forth from Fanny's earlier life to her present day life as sought after cooking show hostess and cook book author. That format kept me engaged because I would become interested in the development of a particular character or relationship of Fanny's and then that sub-story would be suspended as the book transitioned to another point in time in Fanny's life. I would look forward to getting to the next place in the book where that sub-story would resume. It's similar to the anticipation that builds up as one waits to watch the next episode of a TV mini-series.

The book is a fun read. I enjoyed the translations of common Jewish terms and phrases, some of them of the "R-rated" variety. The description of various Jewish traditions was interesting as they related to Fanny and her family. I love food and therefore I really enjoyed reading about Fanny's development as a chef from modest beginnings to acclaimed personality. Her vivid descriptions of her dishes made my mouth water and stomach cry out for a sample. I would love to have been present at her home as she experimented on new dishes and also on the set of her cooking show so I could enjoy the sights, aromas, and taste of her culinary creations. Her many cooking show guests were a hoot! Her cooking show was also one place where her "un-filtered mouth" was on full display in humorous fashion.

"Fanny on Fire" is often hilarious. But, there are also some somber moments and events. There are plenty of valuable insights into life, personal relationships, finding true love, life choices, the value of family and friends, the blessing of children, and perseverance in the face of hardship. All of this is presented in an upbeat manner. This is the author's first fiction book and it is certainly an auspicious start for her. I look forward her follow-up book, "Fanny Granny." I expect that it will be a blast to read!

FANNY LIGHTS MY FIRE - and she'll light yours, too.

November 19, 2017


This impressive comedic novel by Edith Goldstein Tolchin introduces an endearing heroine in Fanny: the feisty Bronx babe, gifted cook, loving mom, and country music devotee. Warm-hearted, impulsive, sexually liberated, and honest to a fault, Fanny invites the reader to join her on a wild ride through her tumultuous world.

Told in vignettes that are by turns comical, painful, and touching, Fanny perseveres and ultimately triumphs when she creates, out of chaos, a life filled with security and love. Fanny would tell you that a country song is three chords and the truth. In Edith Goldstein Tolchin's hands, Fanny's story sings.

Irish loves Yiddish!

November 6, 2017

Funny, down to earth, sarcastic and slightly (well maybe a bit more) sinful. Enjoyed the adventures of Fanny and appreciate the honesty with which she has written this book. A girl from "Da Bronx" that knows who she is and what she wants and translates Yiddish for us Irish girls!! Thanks for a great read!!!

Im dying already!

November 3, 2017


I've only just begun reading and I'm dying! I'm ordering two more books for my lifelong and (said with love) mashugana "Jewish-Cooking" best girlfriends who will really get a kick out your sense of humor, subject matter and Bronxy nostalgia style of writing! Mazel tov!

Fanny on Fire is a delicious treat.

November 2, 2017

Full of humor, she provides definitions for her quick Yiddish (appreciated). Love her writing, her stories, her humor, her honesty. I'm a Baby Boomer too. Yes, a recipe for at least one of the wonderful food offerings would have been great, but I got so much more from this fun read --- you will too.


November 2, 2017


Fanny should be required reading for everyone who hits the brakes when they see a Toojays Gourmet Deli in Florida.
This book will make you smile. Fanny's adventures in life, love and marriages (yes plural marriages) are all told with a yiddishkeit humor typical of Fanny's Bronx roots. Add a point if you are nostalgic for express buses. Fanny is a funny light read that will have you laughing out loud.


November 2, 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed. Having grown up in The Bronx it brought back so many memories. Had trouble putting my Kindle down. Wish Fanny would have given us her recipes, especially for the brownies, haha.

Four Stars

January 16, 2018


I enjoyed reading this book and reading about Fanny adventures, I felt like I knew her.

The boomers and millennials speak her language and they will especially enjoy the book

November 18, 2017

Edith Tolchin takes you on a Meshugah (crazy)journey on her Jewish cooking show. Many of the over 70 age will recognize her Yiddish expressions that spice up the tale without the need of definitions. The boomers and millennials speak her language and they will especially enjoy the book. They may need some of the Yiddish translations. The retirement group will laugh, but may raise an eyebrow at her many seductions and marriages. They may say oy vey (oh my gosh) and laugh even when offended. The Yiddish expressions do spice up her story. The retirement community can certainly relate to the ‘twerking for seniors’ in the chairs many will call chair aerobics. They well know the loose morals and profanities are simply part of today’s generation they will laugh and say oy gelvalt (frustration) what is the world coming to.

A certain charm

November 24, 2018

Vivian Fransen

This book strives to entertain the reader with food talk, love life talk, and plenty of sex wordplay/jokes. I did
appreciate the translation of Yiddish expressions throughout the book. As noted in the Acknowledgments
page: “Much of Fanny on Fire is a memoir” minus the cooking show part, which is why I wanted to read the
book (I love memoirs!). It’s best to read it with an open mind and an open heart, knowing some content can be
R-rated and perhaps even distasteful at times for some readers. Other readers will find it refreshingly
entertaining with clever wordplay.

Funny LOL view of her life.

November 7, 2017


A funny laugh out loud, OMG did she really just say that story. But also very honest and blunt. Edith makes some of the dishes that get cooked sound so yummy and would love to see the recipes and I don't even like to cook!